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Customer Maggie, whose baby – Cheuk Lam had eczema on face since birth, Maggie kept seeking different skin care products for her baby in order to treat the situation of eczema.

Maggie reached CHARISMS baby balm from facebook and noticed that it is an organic product. After the use of CHARISMS, it stopped itchy for baby very quickly. The skin had been regenerated. One month after using this balm, the eczema was completely cured. Sometime Cheuk Lam get hurt with nails scratching and Maggie will applied CHARISMS baby balm on the wound and it only took 2 to 3 days to heal. She also uses the balm when Cheuk Lam has nappy rash on buttocks and the symptoms subside very quickly.

Now, Maggie is using CHARISMS organic baby balm for the whole body of her baby as moisturize cream every day. Besides, she also applies the baby balm on her son to moisturize his dry skin in winter. The effect is very satisfied as well.

In addition, Maggie, as a housewife, often needs to touch with different cleaning chemicals and it leads her hand appears fester, dry and peeling. She applies the CHARISMS organic baby balm as hand cream on her hand. She also applies the balm on her body if her skin is dry. This helps to moisturise her body very well.

It is great that CHARISMS organic baby balm can helps Maggie’s family to improve their skin conditions including the dry skin, eczema and Irritant Contact Dermatitis.
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