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Q: Why do people with eczema, skin rash, dyshidrotic dermatitis , diaper rash, housewife’s eczema, sensitive and dry skin need to use CHARISMS Organic Baby Bath?

A: The all-natural, gently formulated CHARISMS Organic Baby Bath contains no preservatives. It is suitable for dry, sensitive skin or skin with eczema or other related conditions. Its unique formula cleanses while repairs damaged skin without causing irritation or dehydration. Retaining hydration is vital to treating eczema symptoms and dry, sensitive skin as dehydration is a major factor in aggravating eczema and inducing allergic responses. Keeping the skin clean can help prevent the spread of eczema and other allergic conditions. Without foaming chemicals that further irritate the skin, CHARISMS Organic Baby Bath aids the repair and healing process. Users suggest using CHARISMS Organic Baby Balm in conjunction with CHARISMS Organic Baby Bath for best results.

Q: Does CHARISMS Organic Baby Bath foam?

A: The gently formulated CHARISMS Organic Baby Bath is made with natural plant extracts, which produce natural and silky foam. The unique formula provides cleansing without drying, leaving the skin moisturized and velvety smooth.

Q: Does CHARISMS Organic Baby Bath sting the eyes when used as baby bath or baby shampoo?

A: CHARISMS Organic Baby Bath does not sting eyes thanks to its gentle formula. Simply flush with clean water if it gets in contact with the eyes during hair wash. No need to rub.

Q: What are other uses of CHARISMS Organic Baby Bath?

A: In addition to a shower gel for infants, children and adults, it can be used as:
i. infant and children shampoo
It gently cleanses and conditions baby and children’s hair with a mild formula, best for the delicate skin. The ultra gentle tear-free formula ensures no eye sting.

ii. daily hand wash
Featuring antiseptic properties, it gently cleanses the hands while keeping them well hydrated without causing irritation, can be used on daily basis.

iii. feminine wash
Suitable for the intimate area, the extra mild formula cleanses, moisturizes and strengthens the natural immune system.

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