Other Usage

Face and body moisturizer

Apply a thin layer to face and skin as a daily moisturizer to improve the skin's moisture-retaining capability. Best for dry skin.

Deep moisturizing hand mask

Apply a thick layer to hands, particularly to areas of dry, coarse skin and hangnail-prone fingertips. Put on a pair of ventilated plastic/cotton gloves. Wash it off the next morning for a pair of smooth and revitalized hands. Best for homemakers with hands often in contact with cleaning agents.

UV shield

Apply a thin layer to skin before stepping out. The natural protective shield can prevent dry skin from sun damage.

Mosquito repellent

Apply a thin layer to skin to repel mosquitoes. Apply to mosquito bites for a quick itch relief.

Anti-inflammation stress relief massage balm

Apply to shoulders, back of neck, back of waist, joints or affected areas with gentle massage for the symptomatic relief of muscular pain and stiffness.

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