Q & A

Q: How many days will I see results with CHARISMS Organic Baby Balm?

A: You will feel an instant relief when apply to your skin. You can feel moisturized instantly if your skin is dry. Most of the users will see results, including reduction of redness and itchiness, in a day or two. This also prevents aggravation of symptoms due to scratching. It will normally require 3 days to see results for serious cases. Avoiding contact with stimulants and maintaining a good sleeping habit will greatly speed up recovery.

Q: How safe is long-term use of CHARISMS Organic Baby Balm? Is it safe for newborns and pregnant women?

A: Yes. CHARISMS Organic Baby Balm contains no Western medicinal ingredients, steroids, heavy metals, preservatives, fragrances, artificial additives or irritants. All the ingredients are 100% all-natural and 98% organic, thereby safe for long-term use. It has met the stringent requirements for International Organic Certification (ECOCERT) to ensure the production is strictly controlled and monitored for the assurance of natural quality and safety.

Q: Is CHARISMS Organic Baby Balm applicable to lips, inner thighs and sensitive areas?

A: Yes. A thin layer will do.

Q: Can I use CHARISMS Organic Baby Balm on wounded area with eczema?

A: CHARISMS Organic Baby Balm contains ingredients with anti-inflammatory and soothing properties to effectively repair wounds and facilitate healing. It can also reduce pigmentation and prevent scarring.

Q: Why dose CHARISMS Organic Baby Balm have natural scent?

A: The scent of CHARISMS Organic Baby Balm is from the blend of a variety of organic ingredients. There is absolutely no additives or chemical fragrances. The natural organic plant-based scent has soothing effects. Many users find it calming and relaxing. Many babies are happy with the natural scent CHARISMS Organic Baby Balm.

Q: Is CHARISMS Organic Baby Balm thick and sticky?

A: CHARISMS Organic Baby Balm is easy to blend. For daytime, apply a thin layer and massage it into the skin until fully absorbed. At night, apply a thicker layer for best results because there is no re-application during sleep. CHARISMS Organic Baby Balm is packed much of organic essential oils that quickly moisturize and repair wounded area. Water is a precious vital nutrient to skin. Dry skin could easily trigger dermatitis and aggravate the symptoms of eczema. The unique formula and ingredients of CHARISMS Organic Baby Balm can form a protective layer on the skin surface to retain hydration and facilitate the recovery.

Q: Why are there white spots in CHARISMS Organic Baby Balm?

A: All-natural organic products are made with fresh organic plants. The color may vary slightly. CHARISMS Organic Baby Balm consists of essential oils, which may solidify due to temperature differences and turn into white spots. Simply massage it on your skin and it will restore to balm texture.

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